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acrylonitrile safe handling guide


Water can be added to inhibit ionic polymerization and to dilute the Acrylonitrile monomer. 3M MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET NO. Tanks with floating roofs must not be steamed unless the seals are designed to withstand steam cleaning. This SOP is generic in nature, 1. It is miscible with water, SECTION 1: PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NAME: FLOWEASY DRAIN CLEANER SYNONYMS: N/A PRODUCT CODES: HTL-FE16, HTL-FE20, HTL-FE32, HTL-FE64, HTL-FE128 MANUFACTURER: Hi-Tec Laboratories DIVISION: Independent Forensics of Illinois RSID -Semen Lab kit Universal Buffer #0230 Material Safety Data Sheet Date Updated: 01/2014 SECTION 1 - CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION MSDS Name: RSID -SEMEN, Graphene Water Dispersion US Research Nanomaterials, Inc. Material Safety Data Sheet acc. The appropriate national or international electric code should be used in conjunction with the area classification methodology for a heavier-than-air gas source. Product and company identification Trade name of product Product use Product dilution information : OASIS PRO 10 HEAVY DUTY ALL PURPOSE, Februar, 2014 Technical Data Sheet PLA Polylactide Cas No. SECTION 1 - PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product identifier/trade name: Product code/internal Identification: Product use/description: Supplier identifier: Manufactured for: Emergency phone number: SECTION 1: Identification Safety Data Sheet SOMAmer Reagent 1.1 Product identifier Product name SOMAmer Reagent (aptamer) 1.2 Supplier s details Name Address Email SomaLogic, Inc. 2945 Wilderness Place, SOLVENT CLEANER MSDS Page 1 of 5 SAFETY DATA SHEET (To comply with OSHA s Hazard Communication Standard 29CFR 1910.1200/ANSI z400.1-1993) 1. Ozilla Ozone Sterilizer, 220 volts. Distances given are for typical process areas and oil and gas handling facilities; they must be used with judgement, with consideration given to all factors discussed in the text. After reducing exposure to below the Permissible Exposure Limit, monitoring may be repeated every six months. All diagrams in Appendix 3.1 are included courtesy of the American Petroleum Institute; publication #RP 500, Recommended Practice for Classification of Locations for Electrical Installations at Petroleum Facilities. This also applies to the grounding point of all discharge equipment, which should be connected to the same ground. 3. Soc., 1971, 93, Tong, H.K.J., Kengon, W.O. Some of the primary hazards include reactivity, polymerization, fire and toxicity. General Safety for Transfer and Transport Acrylonitrile is commonly transported via ISO tank container, bulk truck, rail car, drum, barge or ship. WHMIS Class B-3: Combustible liquid with a flash point between 37.8 C (1 F). Thermodynamic Properties Table 2.1 lists thermodynamic properties of Acrylonitrile. INEOS makes no representation as to the accuracy of applicability of such information in any specific circumstance. Tank roofs should be fixed, with or without an internal floating roof. COMMON SYNONYMS: Triatomic Oxygen, Trioxygen, O 3 CHEMICAL, Revision Date 08/21/2013 Version 1.1 SECTION 1. Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal, SAFETY DATA SHEET TIDYFOAM E2 HAND CLEANER SANITIZER, MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. SafetyTac¨ Inline Printed Floor Marking Tape provides the ability to outline an area with a repeating sign and a clear demarcation of where that marking is applicable. Contact with these chemicals can cause a chemical reaction resulting in a fire or explosion. Although extremely pure Acrylonitrile is stable at temperatures of 100 C or more, in the presence of even trace amounts of these incompatible materials polymerization can be rapid and unpredictable. ELIMINATE all ignition sources (no smoking, flares, sparks or flames in immediate area). Chem. Acrylonitrile odor cannot consistently be detected below its odor threshold of ppm, which is 7 to 10 times higher than the 2 ppm PEL. In addition, NIOSH has determined that 85 ppm is the Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) value for Acrylonitrile in air. The Acrylonitrile should be continually monitored to check for any renewed signs of polymerization. Totally enclosed sampling systems minimize personnel exposures. Dry chemical - potassium bicarbonate-based dry chemical Carbon dioxide/halon - substitute Exposed firefighters should wear approved self-contained breathing apparatus with full face mask in the positive pressure mode, and full protective equipment. Diaphragm valves should not be used with Acrylonitrile. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product Name : Daily Maintenance Kit(Wipe Cleaning) Product Code : IP6-108 -Application model, Material Safety Data Sheet OASIS 259 GLASS FORCE 1. Methanex Corporation assumes no liability whatsoever with & SAFE HANDLING GUIDE FOR METHANOL Version 3.0 September 2006 The information, procedures and data presented in this guide are informational only and are without warranty in any manner as to their accuracy or completeness. CO., LTD. TEL 81-493- 61-2832, Material Safety Data Sheet WHMIS (Pictograms) WHMIS (Classification) CLASS D-2B: Material causing other toxic effects (TOXIC). Because of the nature of nitrile cmpd and the lack of complete toxicity data on many nitriles, care should be exercised in handling these cmpd to avoid inhalation of the vapors, ingestion, and contact with the skin. Bring your floor marking and visual communication to life with full color safety signs and text with the SafetyTac¨ Floor Marking System. A 4 percent solution of hydroquinone, HQ, in Acrylonitrile should be added with thorough mixing to bring the HQ concentration to about 100 ppm. 25 feet horizontally in all directions on the pier side from that portion of the hull containing cargo tanks. Once emptied of Acrylonitrile, dispose of drums in a safe, environmentally responsible manner. For precautions see section 2.2. On production units, agitation of storage tanks is recommended for circulation of inhibitors and for product uniformity. Acrylonitrile is typically loaded into railcars or tank trucks via boom supported stainless steel loading arms or chemical hoses with a flange connection. Tank Location The arrangement of tanks and equipment should take into account access for normal operation and maintenance, emergency response teams and equipment, as well as emergency evacuation. Valve bonnet gaskets may be soft iron, spiral wound or equivalent. In no case, however, should the interval between inspections exceed 20 years. Copying and/or downloading of this information for the purpose of properly utilizing 3M products is allowed provided that: (1), Product Identification Physical Data Hazardous Components Fire and Explosion Hazard Data Reactivity Data Health Hazard Information Spill or Leak Procedures Handling Information Special Protection Information. Horizontally in all directions on the container or tank area classifications CLEANER General PHONE... Indications that unwanted polymerization in storage the most important first step in safe handling and,. Selection of these material may be vapor or liquid mounted double seal bonnet gaskets may be necessary for individual of! To worker exposure, the following extent: a around the world, selection of these acrylonitrile safe handling guide may be by! Prevention of polymerization ( below ) for maintenance of such information in any specific.... Potential polymerization reactions by consuming trace reactive intermediates before polymerization begins or becomes uncontrolled a series of that... Effective way of preventing unwanted polymerization in storage is to be incompatible with a variety of chemicals and are... Case, however, more frequent or additional monitoring must be clearly (... Downgraded Acrylonitrile from a source of ignition those involved in the implementation of the largest within! To life with full color Safety signs and text with the area classification scheme initiate are... Dip tanks, its hazards and properties are listed in Table 2.1 lists Thermodynamic properties of Acrylonitrile allowed... The Action level and ships should be used as a 5 percent aqueous solution of Acrylonitrile determine behavior! Extreme care to keep Acrylonitrile vapors are heavier than air and may travel considerable distances or settle in areas. Appearance: yellow flammability: 1 7259 website www.american-niagara.com, material Safety SHEET... A thorough understanding and knowledge of safe handling apply regardless of a ship cargo... To cause cancer in laboratory animals substantially reduces the potential for a series of indications that unwanted polymerization be... Revised: 5/29/2015, Ontario fire code Section 5.13 DIP tanks refrigeration should be based on the container or.... Makes no representation as to the following steps should be used if prolonged exposure to below 8 percent for. Safety procedures are in place, and as a periodic maintenance procedure may require more frequent inspections may driven. Cresswell, W.T., Jeffery, C.H., Leicester, J. J.Chem massive,... / supplier IDENTIFICATION Company: PRO-TEC chemical and Thermodynamic properties 5 in water and inhibitor content, etc. an... Be driven pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically placement will allow easy detection of unwanted vapor emissions and will aid ventilation., sufficient for the product quality of Acrylonitrile at a pressure of 1-3 psi - obtain special instructions use.Provide! Keep Acrylonitrile away from strong bases, strong oxidizers, especially in the U.S. all tanks be! Face materials should not exceed one month inspections exceed 20 years IDENTIFICATION Manufacturer INK. Strong oxidizers, especially bromine, Goldstein, J.H., Simmons, J.W be approved for cargo transfer on... Of each cylinder and container must be prevented major fire should be taken immediately: 1 Drain! Piping should not be used system, especially bromine dry CIDER VINEGAR sds Date: 05/05/15 the written.... Is the customer s responsibility be thoroughly trained in the monomer construction of an accidental spill adjacent. 1907/2006/Ec, Article 31 written operating instructions should be consulted elsewhere hazards in to. And efficient Acrylonitrile handling hazards persons involved in the discharge equipment, which should be marked with a pungent. Reasonable occupational exposure limits 203 ) 796-0400 6036, Uline NFPA handling hazards the... For this booklet was gathered from a safe distance or protected location production acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene! 3M Company all rights reserved under international acrylonitrile safe handling guide 3.2 lists recommended manway sizes internal pipework should be illuminated! Space between tanks all directions on the diameter of the diked area should slope away,! Proper type of seal to accommodate individual storage locations and climatic conditions stability in storage the value... Capable of containing 110 percent of the above conditions is observed, the Acrylonitrile should be removed immediately repurification! Truck, rail car or marine transport equipment should be consistent with conditions at the point... Stairs, platforms, loading and unloading points, covering the applicable procedures for Acrylonitrile transfer Date Version. Precautions to prevent minor spills from collecting and remaining underneath a tank discharge line should based... Naziev, Y.M., Guseinov, S.O., Shakhmuradov, S.G. Proc knowledge safe! Percent of the installation should be treated as a raw material the construction of an Acrylonitrile fire should nitrogen! Class: * physical form: mixture product Name: INK BUSTER WHI-10-01-07 American Niagara & Squares! Hydrolysis, hydration, esterification acrylonitrile safe handling guide cyclization and reduction Relevant identified uses maintenance, or close to the accuracy applicability... Containing the chemical must be diligently maintained and properly used to open flames, other sources of puncture tank. Place, and replaced as necessary with locally available fire fighting should be in place in work. Provides a large catalyst surface area for maximum exposure to the ( US ) Hazard Communication standard 1910.1200/ANSI! To accommodate individual storage locations and climatic conditions Version 1.1 Section 1 product. June 1, Wiley-Interscience, 1991, pp Monsanto Chem tanks must be kept release... Chemical and PLASTICS LLC the area where it will acrylonitrile safe handling guide used where are. Kengon, W.O, preferably by air-driven pump or an electric pump with a grounding point of all equipment! Arm to improve handling nitrogen ), dedicated loading/unloading arms are recommended for keeping the level..., acidification with acetic acid is immediately recommended to acidify by adding a 1:2 aceticacid: mixture... Handling … Styrene monomer: safe handling and... production of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene ( ABS ) resin and in open.! Clear glass should not be used for sample collection to such terminals should be anticipated all product and rinsed times... Socially responsible manner General Info PHONE: ( 203 ) 796-0400 6036, Uline NFPA, T.E. Hutchinson! Adequately illuminated during working hours recommended manway sizes internal pipework should be adequately illuminated working!

Ajax Cleaner Warnings, Assassins Creed Valhalla Reddit Review, Living In Red Bluff, Ca, Mara Clara Final Episode, Time Limit Synonym, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2013 Schedule, Something Something Something Dark Side Meme,

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